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Edmund Scott

Edmund Scott first appeared in Farmington Connecticut and raised his family in Waterbury, New Haven Connecticut. My limb of the family moved to Springville, Susquehanna county in the early 1800's Mark Scott (my ancestor), Titus Scott and Jesse Scott.
In 1815 Titus Scott came from Waterbury, Connecticut and located on the hill east of Spring Hollow. In May, 1816, he brought his family and lived at this place until he was more than ninty-five years old. In 1817 Jesse Scott, a brother of Titus , came, settling in the village, where he carried on his trade as blacksmith. He also became more than an octogenarian. Mark Scott, a third brother, came in 1822, and lived on the farm in Sprignville. He died in 1860, aged seventy-seven years old. (History of Susquehanna County Pennsylvania, Springville)

Inventory of Thomas Bird from Probate Records (Connecticut)
Bird, Thomas, Invt. £149-05-10. Taken 10 August 1662, by Thomas Bunce & John Cole
(Order of Court) to Distribute to ye Relct ye Widow [£34-00-00]
to be paid her presently, & John Belden Promist to Look to her to see her provided for. To James Bird, [£20-00-00]
to Joseph the House & Land Prsently [£40-00-00]
to Mary Northe [£32-00-00]
to Hannah Scott, [£4-00-00]
Court Record, Page 178 - 4 September 1662: Invt. Exhibited and approved.
Page 14 - (Voll III 3 March 1663-4: Thomas Bunce and Thomas Watts present a Dist. of the Estate of Thomas Bird
To the Relict [£34-00-00]
To Joseph Bird [£40-00-00]
To James Bird [£29-08-04]
To Hannah Scott [£4-00-00]
To Goodwife Northe, [£18-00-00]
And in Case there appears to be any Estate to Remayne when Debts are paid out of ye hops and ye £10 sequestered to pay Depts, it shall be divided betwixt Goodwife Northe and James Bird. Thomas Bunce & Sergt. Hart and Sergt. Watts are desired and appointed to set out ye Estate and to ordr it according to ye Courts Dist. and to see Debts paid.

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